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Speaking of his practice, Andrew states “In my work I combine elements of observation, abstraction and design. In recent prints I have linked and juxtaposed visual elements from different times and places. An idea is developed that starts with a personal response to the experience of something seen in the landscape and then through drawing and the reductive process of cutting away negative shapes in relief prints and silk screen I try to arrive at a coherent balance of shape, colour and pattern. Working with glimpses, fragments and reflections I have enjoyed revisiting particular moments of observation.

I enjoy the play of positive and negative space and the sequence of building a composition from these parts. Whilst many works have been made exploring the use of multiple blocks I have most recently embarked on more complex single images that appear like windows into other spaces.

After working as a painter for many years I have focused on printmaking as a means to explore colour and scale that seems relevant to my subject matter. “ The print made in the Jealous studio is a five colour screenprint, created from films developed from woodcut blocks. Shapes and patterns replicate themselves across the paper, creating dynamic planes of colour and texture, forming a sequential compostion that seems to speak of seasons, a fixed viewpoint in an unfolding scene. Andrew’s Jealous Prize print edition is now held in the Victoria & Albert Museum Permanent Print Collection.